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The success of a business or a project depends largely on the brains behind it. If your business is falling behind in its targets, you may find yourself identifying with one of the following:

  1. Your project has reached a point where profits are low and costs are high
  2. Lack of timeliness has led to a high pressure situation
  3. Incomplete projects do not promise to see the light of day
  4. Responses to your project are slow and unrewarding
  5. You may have pressed the panic button due to anxiety
  6. Your technical input resources are low

If your business does identify with one of these symptoms, the recommended prescription is “Dedicated hiring

What is dedicated hiring?

Dedicated hiring is an offer from us here as RASPMS to help you grow in your business with the right set of masterminds behind it. The crucial part of any business is the man-force and we provide to you a dedicated team of professionals who will cater to all your needs and help you find solutions to a large variety of problem areas.
Key Features of dedicated hiring:

  1. Experts in major technologies – catering to a wide variety of projects
  2. Specific technology experts- the right expert and quick and affordable solutions
  3. Dedicated uniquely to your project- Working on specific instructions from you
  4. Choice of resources offered tailor made to suit your preference
  5. Complete freedom to utilize the resources according to your needs and requirements

Why we recommend dedicated hiring?

We at RASPMS highly recommend dedicated hiring, especially if your situation has reached a precarious stage:

  1. Development of project by experts in the field
  2. A team dedicated solely to managing your project
  3. Quick response time
  4. Rapid rate of progress ensuring completion of project well in time
  5. Allowing you to meet deadlines and achieve targets

What benefits can you expect from dedicated hiring?

  1. Direct control over the team
  2. Daily monitoring of progress
  3. Assigning specific tasks to specific members of the team
  4. Direct reporting of the team to you
  5. Quality maintenance

    Dedicated hiring allows you to closely monitor the progress of every member of the team. You are the sole decision maker and highest authority, ensuring that quality is maintained along with your specific preferences being met

Our relationship with you

From RASPMS you can expect constant backing and expert advice. We try our utmost to offer you a team and resources to meet your needs thoroughly and quickly, these are pulled out from a pool of talents we have built here at RASPMS. We ensure you rapid application development in a secure development environment, guaranteeing confidentiality and security. You shall be able to monitor updates on a daily progress on the test servers we offer. We offer a multiple high bandwidth internet connection and also promise a back up programmer in rare cases of unavailability. We also manage back-ups so that you may never have to revert to this panic situation again.

Hiring Options

Hire programmers and designers from our pool of talents here at RASPMS.

  1. Dot NET developer
  2. Search engine optimizer
  3. Flash/action script developer
  4. PHP developer
  5. HTML developer
  6. Web designer
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