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RASPMS introduces you to Yahoo merchant solutions; a completely new feature designed for the purpose of resolving your ecommerce issues and formulating a rich tail of business for the web store. At RASPMS our experts help you manage every aspect of the Yahoo store required for an operational and prominent firm.

Our technicians with their visionary minds and dexterous assistance will guide you from the initial stages of merchandising and designing, to inventory management and developing a product catalog. Safe checkout, processing of payment and an overall protection of your website from scam deposits is maintained. Our leads not only design Yahoo store but also provide a notation of personalized features regarding the store, website, as well as online ordering to sustain a steady clientele.

What is Yahoo Store?

Yahoo Store is an extremely safe and personalized tool integrated by Yahoo.com. This store offers you a guide to sell your products online and also gives you a space to personalize a domain and its marketing. In short we can say it is a web store that is quick, easy and reputable in the market to setup.

Role of RASPMS in functioning of Yahoo Web Store

  • Setting up of Yahoo web store account for your corporate business.
  • Drafts out the structure of the web store.
  • Adds your merchandises on the Yahoo web store.
  •  Privatizes your domain so that it can reflect well on the Yahoo web store.
  • Efficient marketing of goods on the web store.

Advantages of using RASPMS for Yahoo Store -

  • At a low and onetime fee, obtain numerous stores online.
  • Supervises product details, store inventory, as well as orders on your behalf.
  • Builds user-friendly interface easily.
  • Lists Yahoo products on your web store which helps in your recommendations.
  • Also helps you get regular optimization as well as search engine acquiescence facilities.
  • Takes care of credit card processing, gateway payments etc and ensures that fraud cases of purchase and shipping don’t damage the business’s reputation online.
  • Campaign managing software helps to advertise your products online.

Since it provides Yahoo merchant solutions, ‘RASPMS’ is all set to assist you with a dominant, consistent, and safe podium by offering you services mentioned below:

  • Creating a Logo for brandishing your name.
  • Follows Ecommerce policies and regulations.
  • Customization of Yahoo Store design.
  • Classification of products accordingly
  • Recording accounts
  • Management of orders on a bulk scale
  • Content management framework maintenance
  • Advertising your label
  • Reporting consumer related issues
  • Search engine optimization for product marketing

How to contact

Still wondering what to do? Contact us at RASPMS via email or just call us on the number given on our website. We have a 360°, 24X7 Support waiting to give you the best solutions for all your needs. Moreover you can also leave your details on the quick reply form available on our website and someone will get in touch within a couple of hours.

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